Customization Options


Embroidery can ba added to almost all pieces we offer. If you'd like to add embroidery to an item it is not aldready offered with, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We offer a variety of thread colors.

Logos can also be embroidered to make your barn or company make a statement. Accurately turning a logo into beautiful embroidery requires additional steps. Enquire for pricing.

ZIKY embroidery collection colors below:


Alternatively to embroidery, we can also add vinyl to personalize your riding sportswear and equipment.

ZIKY vinyl collection colors below:

Equestrian champion shirt

External Fabrics


ZIKY fabric collection options below (from left to right):

Lime, Navy, Grey, Plum, Pink, Purple, Orange, Blue, Khaki, Royal, Brown, Berry, Black, Teal, Red, Yellow



ZIKY lining collection options below:

clothing bag for kids



ZIKY trim collection options below:

Reach out to us if you have a personalization request not listed above.

Black leather halter with stainless hardware

Feel Inspired

Let us know what we can create for you...